Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Joey and Mariah {Engaged}

There's going to be weddin' bells soon!  These two people are so happy together!  What's even better is that they both totally live for God.  
 July 18th is their big day! 
It was hard to keep them serious for all the clowning around ... or maybe they were just "jumping for joy."
Isn't she beautiful?  Inside and Outside.  There is no Bridezilla going on here.  This girl is so genuine and humble, and is so much fun to be around.  We had a really great session and she was game for every shot.
 She talked him right into a few precious moments poses .... and like a good guy, he did whatever she wanted.
Joey looked down as we were walking along the path and picked up a nutshell that had a perfect little heart cut out on the inside!  Ahhh .... it's "meant to be" Love!
By the way ... for those of you that don't know, Joey is my kid.  How lucky am I?  
(click the pictures for a closer look) ... I'll come back and post a slideshow link here after I get their whole gallery up!