Friday, March 30, 2007

All Good Things Come in Three's!

I was looking through "old" pictures (well not too old, only two years old) and realized that I took this picture exactly two years ago today. They were 5 months old! As I think back over the short time since these kiddo's were born, it amazed me that I can specifically remember this day so clearly and that the attitudes and personalities of these babies are still the same. I miss the days of them being small enough to carry them around all the time. I miss the sweet smell of baby skin.

I think "time flies" way too fast when you're a parent and especially when you are a parent of triplets. The sleepless nights are a blur now and the busy days are here. It's hard to believe that these sweet babies are kid's now and when I turn around and look again... they'll be even older. Time flies when you're having fun... and having these guys are definately a barrel of fun these days!

As the old saying goes .... All good things come in three's!

Be Blessed,