Saturday, March 31, 2007

Best Friends? Buddies? Brothers?

My son Joey, on the right, and his best friend Mike came out to the farm today to go fishing. They've been friends for a long time. For years and years and years. Since they've been boys! Now they're men. They're twenty-three years old and have established the path in their life that they'll follow. Even though they're all grown up and supposed to be mature responsible adults, they still have a funny silly side that only friends can have with each other! They were posing like Jared, my other son, and his fiance' Elissa posed, when I took their engagement pictures last week. You should have heard the laughter and seen the smiles while these two clowns imitated the poses!
Here they are hugging the tree! Even though I know they're playing around, these two guys would go to the end of earth for each other. They are so lucky to have a friendship like this, and I am so lucky to have a son, that has a friend with Mike's integrity, who also is a friend that I know will always be there until the end of their time.
"Okay Brother Eblin" Mike says as he shakes Joey's hand! Mike has called Joey this ever since I can remember. It's kind of ironic that this is the name he has chosen for his friend. After a couple of years of Joey deciding what his calling in life would be, he decided to be a Minister. I'm so proud of the man my son has become and so proud of the choices he has made. He's still in college and has a couple more years to finish. Mike has finished college and moved about 4 hours away, and has chosen a good job as well. These two boys will always be friends, buddies and brothers in their hearts. Distance will not separate them.

They're leaving now.... but I know "my boys" will be back another day! Another day to fish, another day to have fun and another day to visit me ... MOM!
Be Blessed,