Sunday, April 1, 2007

Good Morning!

Good Morning Mommy! Nothing is sweeter than catching your baby's expressions when they first wake up in the mornings. Miss Meg rolled over and just stared at me. I can read her thoughts perfectly, she's thinking, "what are you doing?" ... "Go away Mom!" ... "are you nuts?" Meg always wakes up happy and ready to eat. She'll drink her milk and then drink Jay's and Sam's leftovers, or if they sit it down .... she'll pick it up and drink it too. Meg is a growing girl!

But here's my Sam! The Ham! Sam is thinking it's funny because Jay is in the next crib yelling "NOOO!" ... and of course Sam thinks it's funny because Sam is a Ham! About half of the time Sam is a grouch in the mornings. You have to gently determine his mood! You can guarantee that Sam had stayed awake playing with little cars in his crib at least an hour after Jay and Meg went to sleep. But this morning, Sam is a Ham and is in a good mood!
Jay buried his head when I came towards him with the camera .... He dropped right down and hid his head. What you can't hear is him still yelling, "NOOOOOOO!"
"Okay Mommy" ... will you go away if I sit up and let you just take one picture? Jay is a solid bet that he's a grouch first thing in the morning. You have to walk on tip toes around Jay within the first minute that he wakes up. But what a beautiful grouch he is! Jay immediately wants out of his crib the very instant I walk into their room. He wants the blinds pulled open and the first thing he says is, "Out." Jay likes it that we let them get in our bed, lay on our pillow and cover up .... all three of them in a row and drinking their milk with Mommy and Daddy on each side. We love this early morning ritual that we have with them. It's milk for them, but the sweetest cuddle time for me!
Be Blessed,