Sunday, March 25, 2007


We worked on our fence again. It's all finished except for putting the pickets on the gate. The "trio of terror" will be contained as of tomorrow! It's like freedom for me because they won't be able to run in three different directions. They are going to love it! It's a whole new world out there for these guys....

I'll be able to keep them out of the cow poop, the barn, the pond, the mud, the road, the puddles and out of the pasture!

These kiddo's are the most inquisitive
little guys I've ever met. I thank God
everyday that they are able to be the nosy little creatures that they are! I thank God that they can run and they can laugh and play!

They are just discovering their world. Today was the first time Sam petted the dog. The dog's name is Sam also, although we have changed her name to Molly-2 to avoid confusion with Sam the kid! Sammy sat down on the grass with "Sam" and kept petting her and saying, "Hi Baby!" ... I thought my heart was going to melt! "Sam the dog" loved it as well ... these three new creatures running all over her yard is probably nerve wracking for her!

"Sam the dog" was just granted another chance at life the other day and we all had a big change of heart and a new appreciation for her!

Jay followed his Daddy around all day today! He carried tools and boards and was a big helper! When he wants something, he will take you by the hand and take you to what he wants and talk a mile a minute.

Jay wanted to pick flowers and took his Daddy over to the "yellow flower bush." He was listening so intently to what Von was telling him. You can read his expressions and watch his face absorb everything he hears.

I hope he always listens to his Father!

Be Blessed,