Monday, March 26, 2007

A Beautiful Dirty Face!

Sam had so much fun today! He played outside almost all day... He played from morning til dark, except for nap time. He drove his car up and down the sidewalk a million times, he rode a horse at least 20 miles and he wrestled a Alligator all over the yard! He earned this dirty face!!!

The tear streaks and the snot on his nose, mixed with dirt makes Sam "all" boy! He picked up sticks, held a worm and kicked the dog twice. He crawled under the porch, over the steps, and laid down face first in the dirt when he didn't get his way! Yep, Sam earned this dirty face!

He pushed Jay off the porch, pulled Meg's hair bows out and threw her glasses in the yard! He stomped all the snacks, poured out the water and bit Jay! Yes, Sam had a great Day! ... and he earned this dirty face!!!

Be Blessed,