Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Belly

Just minutes away from giving birth to triplets I actually felt like a Christmas Turkey! I was huge.... it still amazes me to look at this picture and see that BELLY!~ Did I say HUGE? Mountain-ously HUGE! (It's okay to make up your own words when you looked like this) I felt like a over filled helium balloon!

My sister in law was so impressed, that within hours she showed the entire Indiana State Police Post!

Here's a few little tidbits you ought to know about me. My girth was the same in inches that I am tall! I no longer fit in maternity clothes. I had to wear a size 3X nightgown the last week, I could barely walk with help, I felt like an Octopus with six elbows, six knees, three heads and 3 butts kicking me! Of course I couldn't see my feet ...... and I didn't even get one stretch mark!

Against his better judgement, two weeks before I delivered our little darlings, Marlboro Man took me to Wal-Mart. He left me in the grocery aisle and told me not to move! Of course I moved! I slowly moved up and down the aisles holding onto the cart for support and smiling at everyone I passed. Everyone I met was so friendly.... they smiled, they chuckled, they smirked and they whispered! I started to feel self-conscious and reached down to make sure "everything" was okay and all I felt was bare skin! My shirt had worked it's way up over my belly and my pants were down under my belly. I was so embarrassed I wanted to drop through the floor! MY MOUNTAIN-OUSLY HUGE belly was hanging out for the world to see! I waddled up to the check out counter with my over stacked cart that I could barely push and got in the checkout line that says, "20 items or less" .... My cart runneth over, I had no cash, Marlboro Man deserted me, I was humiliated BUT I wasn't leaving that checkout aisle! I told the checkout girl....."Just ring me up 20 times but I'm not leaving". About that time Marlboro Man appears and saved the day! I do have to add........ I did not go to Wal-Mart or anywhere for that matter again until my Mountain-ously HUGE belly was delivered!
Be Blessed,