Thursday, March 22, 2007

Three Women! Five Babies!

Here we are! The Three Pregnant Amigo's! Two weeks before Juli delivered Kelcie on August 2, 2004 and Amy delivered Luke on August 6, 2004. I delivered Meg, Jay and Sam on October 17, 2004. Amy (left) is my daughter in law and Juli (right) is my daughter ...... and yes, I'm the Mother (center). This is me!

It was and still is the one heck of an experience. Being pregnant with your kids is hard. Being a new Grandmother is hard. Having triplets is hard. Having a baby at 47 is hard! It's all just hard! It's like having too many "irons in the fire" You're being emotionally pulled in three different ways. You want to be there for them, you want to be there with them, and you want to take care of yourself. There were ups and downs, hurt feelings, lots of tears and a lot of missed times on my part, but as the babies have grown into "kids" now, things are so much better. My daughter is my best friend. (I love my daughter in law too). We can go and take the kids places together. We do get a lot of questions and a lot of the "I don't believe your story" looks... but we're family and we do it anyway!

My children: Josh 26, Juli 24, Joey 23, Jared 22, Meg 2, Jay 2 and Sam 2

I'm blessed!