Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Poopy Day!

Sometimes you just have a "poopy day!" Some days it's just a little more "poopy" than other days! Today happens to be a whole load of "poop." A wagon load of COW POOP! I feel a little sorry for my sister in law today because I know this load of poop and about 40 other loads of poop are going to be deposited as fertilizer in a field right by her house. She's going to be smelling poop for days! I'm sure since she grew up on this dairy farm, she's smelled her fair share of cow poop!
Me, on the other hand, grew up in town and I'm still not used to the smell of all this cow poop! I've lived out here for six years and I still hate the smell of cow poop. I hate to see cow poop. I hate to step in cow poop! I hate the flies that love the cow poop! I just hate cow poop in general! It amazes me that cow's poop so much! There are tons and tons of cow poop on our farm. The barns are full of cow poop after the winter months and now Marlboro Man is busy spreading that precious commodity on the fields before he starts spring planting. It's almost like he's running a race with Mother Nature to get all that poop in all the right places before he gets so busy this time of year! It's still just cow poop to me! Piles and piles of brown chunks with Hay and flies! ....and I don't like cow poop!!!!
As much as I hate cow poop, I love living out here in the midst of it... I love the farm and man that came with it. It's a great place to raise kids, except of course, when they are climbing fences surrounded by this golden brown sludge! My fear is that one of these days, Jay or Sam will come carrying a handful, or Meg will be picking out the straw saying, "he loves me, he loves me not!" I guess that's a little extreme, but who knows... any thing can happen when you're surrounded by cow poop!
Today was just another poopy day!