Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jared and Elissa

Jared was my youngest child for 20 years. Within the span of 3 minutes he became a middle child. Now he's getting married in July.

He's marrying Elissa. I like her. I like her a lot. She's good for Jared and he's good for her. I worry about him getting married. I worry because for 20 years he was my baby, now he's all grown up. I worry that he'll be in a strange city and mainly I think I'll worry that I won't be needed anymore. I think it's a "Mom Thing!" Worrying is our job! Jared will teach inner city around the Memphis area and Elissa will be in Optometry school. They're both great kids and I couldn't be any prouder of them! I know it's a good thing that they are headed in the "right direction", but that direction takes them a long way away for four years. But, the rainbow at the end of this journey for them, is that they'll end up right back on "home porch" after Elissa finishes school. I think that is my greatest fear in life as a Mother is that one of my little fledglings will move so far away that I'll not get to see them often. I don't think I'd be a good "long distance Mom!" I have decided that letting your kids grow wings and fly away for awhile is a good thing .... as long as they always come back!

Today was the day of the beginning of his journey to leave me. I shot their engagement pictures. We walked all over this farm and I shot 700 pictures in a little over a hour and a half. Elissa picked out about 75 to keep. I think as I edit each one I will probably be feeling little tugs in my heart and will be feeling a little melancholy. I'll probably think that each picture is my favorite, and I'll probably kind of be wishing that he was still "my baby" for just a while longer. Even though I love Elissa.... when your kids get married and leave that little nest that we built for them, it's hard. Yes, it's just a little bit hard for me right now ...
Be Blessed,