Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Surprise Ending! (don't peek)

Once upon a time, way out in the country lived a cute little set of triplets. They loved each other very much and they loved to play outside together. What one didn't think of ... the other two did. There's never a dull moment on this farm!
They climbed on their toys and smiled ever so cute for Mommy's camera. They posed and they pranced and they showed off their suckers.

They hammed it up and they hammed it down the slide. They giggled and wiggled and took turns going down.
They played peek-a-boo and they strutted their stuff.
They climbed higher and higher and and faster and faster! They enjoyed their playtime and their new found freedom.
Oh Boys .... I think Mommy left us alone for a minute. What shall we do? We'll take off our clothes and run through the yard! Our Mommy can't see us!
Surprise! It's a bare naked Sam!
and a bare naked Jay!
... and our Mommy still thinks she's Blessed!