Friday, April 27, 2007

A Field of Flowers ...

Jay, Sam and Meg found the "Ball Flowers" .... at least that's what they called them! These flower buds are round and green and they were pulling them off, and throwing them! Then as we walked out into the fields ... they found the most amazing flowers. "Fluffies" .... says Jay! "I blow Dem!"

Sam says, "It's all Don ..... it's Don!" "Day at?" "Day go?" "Day Don!"Meg says, "I blowed dit away!"

I love these little voices and I love walking through the fields with them and watching them finding new things that they've never seen before. It's amazing that a simple "Dandelion" is so wonderous to these little guys! It goes to show you that the little things in life is what matters!.... and what matters right now is that this photo shoot is over! Time to quit! No more flowers to blow ... no more fields to explore ... time to quit right now! Playtime is over! No more camera's! No more bribery ... and not even candy, Elmo, a tractor or Daddy can turn these frowns into smiles! They are finished with me! Zilch .... Done!

Be Blessed,