Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All About Jay

Jay Wyatt Siekman

It's all the little things that make a big thing when you're a Mother! There are so many special little things about Jay that makes me love him so much. It's the little memories that all pile up and makes me so happy to be Jay's Mommy!

Here's a few little things that have become a big thing in my heart!

  • The first time I truly saw Jay he was laying in an incubator on a ventilator, and he had his little arms above his head and was sprawled out there like he was snoozing on the beach! All laid back with not a care in the world! He's still that way today!

  • Jay was the first of the triplets to come home. He ruled the roost for two days and had all the attention. He still rules the roost!

  • Jay loved me to sing to him ... He would look directly into my eyes while taking his bottle and I would sing The Old Rugged Cross to him. Today when he has a boo-boo and needs a quick rock and a quick hug, he hums! I smile! It's our song!

  • Jay is beautiful. Inside and out ... he is so loving! He shares his hugs and kisses so easily and is the first one to the aid of his comrades (Meg and Sam). He pats them when they are crying and stays with them until they are up and flying again.

  • Jay feeds the hand that bites him. Sam is a biter and when Sam is in trouble for biting Jay ... Jay takes him a toy to play with and pats his leg and says, "it's okay Sammy!" (this melts my heart)

I love you Jay!