Sunday, May 20, 2007

Our New Toy!

We have a new toy ... and our Mommy thinks it's wonderful!

Because ... we are happy and entertained again! Entertainment is very important when you're two years old and come in a three pack!Hi Jay! How is it up there? This trio can climb high and slide fast! They run as fast as they can and climb up to the tower and wave to me and say, "Hi Mommy!" every time before they slide down.
Hi Meggie! You're so big up there!
Oops Sam! Mommy's not in the tree .... turn around Sam, look over here! Here I am Sam! Over here! Hey Sam! That's a tractor on the road! Okay Sam, never mind ... I'm not important anymore am I? (We have to thank Aunt Robin for giving up this new toy: Thank You Aunt Robin ... we love you! ... and Mommy really loves you!)

Be Blessed,