Friday, May 11, 2007

They Did "It" at the Babysitters!

I just couldn't believe it! Couldn't believe that they would do the "dirty deed" at the babysitters! Not my children! They had a "poop party!"

Yesterday when Jessica put them down for a nap, (they nap together in the same room in pack-n-plays) she heard extreme giggling (that's the cue) and went in there to tell them to lay down. She said that when she opened the door she almost fainted!

All three of them were naked and were covered in poop from head to toe! She had to give all three of them a bath and sit them on the couch while she cleaned everything up!

I just have to say that I'm so glad it was her and not me that this happened too .... he he! Although she did ask that I bring pajama's that can be turned around and zipped up backwards for next week!

I'm so ashamed! NOT! .... and she didn't even take a picture!

I guess I'm still Blessed! ha~