Friday, June 8, 2007

This is "Whitey"

"Whitey" the cow!
This is Whitey Siekman .... he was born two days ago. Me and the kids just happened to stop by the barn about 15 minutes after he was born. I think he is so cute and being the city girl turned country girl that I am ..... I am attached! We just had to keep him. It took a lot of begging and when that didn't work ... I simply pulled rank! I'm the farm wife you know! The Mother to Marlboro's Mans children, the woman that he married and brought from the city to the country. I pulled rank! We get to keep him and Whitey is staying on the farm.
Being dairy farmers, we don't keep Angus bull calf's. They are sold at three days old. If this little guy was born a Holstein heifer, she'd be a queen some day, but he was born a boy and boys aren't good on this farm! Nope! They're quietly shipped out like they never existed. So here I am thinking I saved this little guys life and he's going to be a great little pet for the kids. I have visions of them riding him ... nuzzling up to him and walking him on a rope. I believe that he'll know his name one day and that he'll come running when he sees me or the kids. We'll be out there yelling, "WHITEY" and this humongous 1,500 pound black bull will come running! We'll have no fear because we've raised Whitey since he was a baby. He'll be gentle because he's our pet cow and Jay named him!
Marlboro Man, being the realist that he is thinks I'm nuts! Whitey is only staying because I pulled rank and because he will make good steaks one day! That's two years down the road and right now Whitey is a cute little baby and I love him!
Be Blessed,