Sunday, June 3, 2007

Fun at the Park

Sam, Jay & Meg

We went to the park today. They really all three sat down together and let me take pictures of them ALL TOGETHER! What a rare event! Jay was hamming it up and saying Cheese every time he heard the camera shutter! I shot in continuous mode and he couldn't keep up. That was so funny!

Meg liked the swings best of all. She liked the wind blowing her as she got pushed higher and higher. Jay liked the tunnels and the slides. He was doing belly busters down the big slide!
Sam didn't like the bucket swings for babies.... it was the big boy swing for him! Only thing is, this is the only way he'd get on it. Notice all the Boo-Boo's on his legs? He fell off the porch at home before we left today. He loves the band-aids though!Sam also like the slides ... he likes climbing up them better than going down them!
Meg liked to sit at the bottom of the slide. That is until Jay would come along and knock her out!

Play time is over ... and we're heading home! Three tired little kiddo's had so much fun today!

Be Blessed,