Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day Dad!

My Dad - Keith I. Wyatt
Happy Father's Day Dad! I want you to know that you have been "the very best Dad" in the world to me and I love you very much. I also want you to know that when you married MaryAnn 25 years ago... you also gave us a second great Mother!
Sometimes I think about life and how very fast it goes by us. One day turns into another so quickly that sometimes my head spins. I'm 50 years old now and you're in your seventies. It just doesn't seem possible does it?
I remember so vividly when I was a little girl all the fun things you used to do with us. I think the best memory I have is such a silly little thing ... but it sticks in my mind and I did the same thing with my older kids and I'll do it with Sam, Jay and Meg when they get older.
When I was young, one day you came home and it seemed to me that you had pockets and pockets full of change. You threw the change up in the air and us kids scrambled to get it. I'm sure it wasn't as much money as I thought it was back then ... and I'm sure it wasn't as many coins as I thought it was ... but I remember you laughing and I remember how much fun that was for me! I remember that we counted it and we were so excited to see who got the most!
I remember going rabbit hunting with you ... I loved that! But you made me hold the legs while you skinned the rabbit. I hated that! I also hated that huge garden that you made me hoe row after row of potatoes! But I remember that summer so well ... and Mom cooked the best meals from our garden!
I remember that I thought you were so bossy when I got my drivers license and you told me that if you ever caught me on the highway you would never let me drive again. Now that I am a Mother ... I can see exactly why you made me that promise! It was because you loved me so much!
I love you Dad ... and it was great for all of us to get together today.
Be Blessed,