Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Play Date

Today was a day to play at home and have fun. Our yard is starting to look like a school playground! Lots of big climbing toys to move and mow around ... but oh well, they have to play! It's a rare occasion to have them line up and sit perfectly for a picture ... well, almost sitting perfectly!
We had the water Octopus out and got sprayed by Meggie! Meg was in charge of the water. They boys didn't really like it all that well.

Meg was first to go down the slide on her belly. She yelled, "Mommy! Look at me!" This girl loves the camera!Jay was next ... it's monkey see, monkey do around here!

Sam is heading up the rear! He held on all the way down and I think I could hear his feet scooting and holding on too!
They were drying out on their little picnic table and Meg and Jay were rubbing noses. It's great to see them love each other!
Be Blessed,