Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Have I Gone Header Crazy?

I think I have gone crazy! Crazy about PhotoShop that is. I have figured out the layers and how to make a header for this crazy blog of mine. I have had all of these headers on my blog in the last two weeks.

I've had three different headers on here today. I was told by Marlboro Man that "he insisted" that I take off the naked little butts of our triplets. He thinks all the Internet weirdo's out there would consider it porn. Personally, I think it's the cutest picture I have ever taken of them and I think he's nuts!

So their cute little buns will no longer be a header on this blog .... for now anyway. Once in a while you have to pretend to do what they say (hubby's). It makes them feel good and it makes them feel like they are in control and they are the boss!

After all, it's his money I spend ... so every once in a while I do as I'm asked. So this is it .... I've done what was ask of me. The buns are gone! Zapped! Like a Dead Bug ..... they've been squished!

The above header made it on here today for about three hours. It wasn't as if I didn't have anything else to do, except to play with headers all day, it's that I've been sick. Too sick to go to work because I have Pneumonia ... but not too sick to play. I was bored! The kids went to daycare so I could recuperate.
Marlboro Man walked in and caught me playing .... he snuck up on me like a sly cat and saw my blog header. You'd have to know the man to understand him. He's a very private person. He hates it that I post pictures of him and tell stories about him. But since he doesn't know my password, he can't stop me. He He! I tell him that "everyone" has a blog .... he doesn't buy that story, but since he's not computer savvy, he'll never know! ... and please don't anyone offer to teach the man, I like him just like he is!
Marlboro Man would never show his butt in public, and it's not frequent that he shows it in private. Therefore, he doesn't think I should show our kids' butts to the world on the Internet. Wonder what he'd think if I posted my cheeks on a new header? Think he'd laugh? Let me know, okay? I'm serious! Since I've learned PhotoShop ... you just never know what you might see! ~ (don't worry, it won't be my butt and it definitely won't be Marlboro Man's butt)
Be Blessed,