Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Yesterday evening we went over to one of the barns where the new babies are kept. There are nine brand new babies right now including a set of twins that was born two days ago. The calf's were very frisky and were bucking and jumping and running back and forth in the pens. .... they also were licking the kids hands. My kiddo's were loving it! Of course it helped that the calf's liked the sticky sucker hands that the trio of terror had all over them! I used to freak out if they got dirty ... now it's just, "ahhhh kids, it's only a little cow poop ... just wipe it on your shirt!" Sam doesn't have a problem wiping cow poop on his shirt, or anyone Else's shirt either! Sam also doesn't have a problem picking the dried flakes of cow poop off of Marlboro Man's shirt either! I believe that boy is going to be a farmer!

It doesn't pay to be born a boy (cow) on this farm. All little boys (except Whitey ... and he's going to be steak in a couple of years) are sold. Talk about discrimination! If you don't give milk .... you're a goner! If you don't have big boobs .... you're a goner! If you're not super mama cow and don't have not only one teat, but four giant milk giving teats ..... then you're a goner! ... And if you're born a boy (cow) on this farm and are lucky enough to stay, you're definitely going to get your nuts cut! OUCH!

Makes me thank God everyday I was born a girl!

Be Blessed,

COW LESSON: Did you know when a set of twin calfs are born, and one is male and the other is female, the female calf is sterile. They are callled Free Martins. In this case, on our farm, the heifer calf is sold along with the bull calf when they are a few days old.