Monday, July 16, 2007

Flashback: It's Been Two Years ...

It's time for a flashback! Time to reminisce and go back in time. Time to see what these kiddo's were up to two years ago. It's been two years since the trio of terror was this size .... they couldn't even walk yet. But I can remember how fast they could crawl. It was impossible to keep them all in one place. They were like like little bugs .... all over the place!
This is how we lived. In a gated community ... They used to stand at the gate and walk all the way around the circle. I can't count the many times I climbed over that gate. I also remember the day we took the gate down like it was yesterday. That was the day I was truly invaded! That was the day they found freedom! They haven't slowed down all ... in fact, they're still running out there somewhere! Time flies!

Be Blessed,