Friday, July 20, 2007

Why Do Females Have Meltdowns?

These are the culprits! It's all their fault ... and wouldn't you know it, they're triplets! They wouldn't cooperate this morning and all sit perfectly in this ice cream bucket. They wouldn't scoot over and make room for about seven other dolls, a blanket, a deck of flash cards, a My Little Pony, two baby bottles, a little fairy, three hair ribbons, a comb, a tractor, a pair of Kelcie's princess underwear and a straw! Darn those triplets!~ What's a female to do?
Here's Meg after her meltdown. After a complete "throwing herself on the floor and slinging everything everywhere meltdown" just because she can ... and just because she's two years old. Mainly, it's because she's female! I wonder if she knows the curse of PMS yet? ... or is this a sign of what's to come! All I can say to any potential two year old guys out there is BEWARE: this gal is wicked! She has pink claws that come out and can spit the word NO out of her mouth like she's possessed! The boys backed off and stood in awe at the circles she was spinning on the floor during her meltdown! Jay said, "Daddy, what happened? What happened Daddy?" as he was slithering away to the furthest corner! Sam just hightailed it and ran!

Guess what Daddy said? He said, "ohhhhhhhhh, she's just acting like a girl", and Jay rolled his eyes, grimaced and only said, "OHHHHHH" like he completely understood that comment!

Here she is after it was all over .... just like a good little female ... all smiles and wondering what the big deal was! It's over .... Zap! The End! Quit Staring! Go Away! I'm a girl! I'm entitled! Get over it! .... oh, and don't forget it!

Be Blessed,