Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An Apple a Day ...

When you live in a *gated community* (meaning that there is more of them than you, and they are fenced in always, because they run and you can't catch them), it's a real treat for them to roam around the yard. Today we roamed. We picked a apple and we climbed a rock.

Way back in the corner of our back yard is a little apple tree that Marlboro Man planted years ago. As long as I've lived here, for almost seven years now, there has never been a apple on this tree. Today as we were exploring ... we found three very big perfectly round apples on the lower branches of this tree. I think of this as a God thing ... most everything that comes in three's is a God thing to me. Meg found the first apple.
She was so proud her apple. She was telling me all about it. Don't you just love the pink cowgirl boots in August? They are her new favorites. today.

They came back around the yard about five times to climb on this rock. I am still yet to get a picture of them sitting on top of the rock. No way!
But Sam like to climb! Until he reaches the top that is .... then he wants down so he can climb on it again, and again.
Sam and Jay picked their own apple too. It's too coincidental that there were only three apple on that tree and they were all perfectly ripe and the right height for the kiddo's to pick them.
Here's Jay on their new favorite rock. He guards the center so no one else can climb up. Jay sometimes can be a bit of a bully .... unfortunately, Sam is a bigger bully and usually comes out on top.
Here's Sam on top ....
Be Blessed,