Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Flash Back: Joey and Mariah - One Year Ago

I am so proud of this kid. Still, he is on fire for God. He always will be. He makes wise choices. He is becoming a wise man. He's mature and he's responsible. I respect him and I admire him as a person, and I know that he will make a great Minister. ... and I just love him so much!

Joey leaves for college again next week. This summer has flown by. I don't feel like I've got to see him a lot. He has worked almost everyday since he came home in May. I know that St. Louis is only a three hour drive from here and I know he will be coming home some weekends, but still my heart is missing him already. Mariah, take good care of him! (Mariah goes to SLCC too)

Ahhhh, these Mom heartstrings get you every time!

Be Blessed,

P.S. Happy Birthday today to my wonderful sister Kim. ... and when you read this, know that I love you very much and I greatly respect and admire you too!