Friday, August 17, 2007

Jay Day

I finally got him! We talked about taking his picture as we were driving home from daycare this evening! He said he'd sit on the rock and he would smile and say cheese! (it's really really awesome that they can talk now; it's a heart melter) He said that Jay would do it, not Sam and Meggie. He was so excited and so animated and talking with his hands about getting a picture of him. As soon as we got to the farm, and I helped them out of the car, he ran over to a little rock in the yard and sat down with his big tractor book on his lap. I was ready! Thank goodness, because the very second his little butt hit the rock, it bounced right up and he was off and running. I got one shot on the rock. (above) He did his job!

I followed him through the yard camera in tow .... he found the grape arbor. He ate the grapes, then sprinted off to explore his world. Full run. A world awaits me!
Look Mom! What's that? Here we go, another treasure to be found!
I'm gone! Off into the sunset ... off to be a little boy. You got your pictures Mom, it's time to play!

Be Blessed Everyone!