Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just Like a Girl

Late this evening I heard Megan talking and couldn't find her. It was obvious she was talking to someone. She was laying under the dining room table talking on my cell phone with her legs kicked up and her hand on her chin. Just like a girl. She loves the phone, and she loves to talk.
She was carrying on a full conversation .... and you could tell she was answering questions. She was on the phone with her Aunt Janet and Laura.

When she was much much smaller and before she knew how to work a telephone, she called 911 without us knowing it, and chatted quite a little bit. There's something about having a telephone that this girly girl loves.

I can remember laying on my belly under the table and talking on the phone when I was a teenager. What's the deal these days? This girl is growing up on me fast.

Be Blessed,