Thursday, September 27, 2007

Little Green Hearts from Heaven

I've had this little plant in my house in my kitchen, in a corner by my stove, for almost four years. I really don't know how old this plant is, or what kind it is. It used to belong to my sweet sweet Mother-in-law. She used to have a lot of plants on her back porch. She seemed to have had a green thumb, and her plants flourished. After she passed away, I brought this plant home, plopped it into a new container, added water and sat it in a corner by a window. It is very neglected and at times looks very bad. Whatever kind of plant this is ... it doesn't require much water or tender loving care.

Tonight I was cleaning the stove after dinner and I noticed something different about this little neglected plant that just keeps hanging on. It has a sprout! A wild little sprout growing out of the dirt. It isn't attached to my plant, but is right beside it. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Look close!

Yes, three little hearts. You can't see the one on the back side. They are all attached, as if they're holding hands, and standing in a circle. They made me smile. I know exactly where they came from.

I take it that this is a message, from that sweet sweet lady that is no longer with us, to let me know, that she is sending me 'three little green hearts from heaven' and is watching over these three little kiddo's that she never got to meet.

It's just very ironic that I found this tonight. Last night, Meg was holding a picture of her Daddy and her Grandma, and was telling her Daddy, "this is my daddy and my ga-ma." I believe that her Grandma was listening!

... as always, be blessed.