Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Day on the Farm!

Here's Sam! Sporting what is left of his black eye! Him and Jay had a head on collision last week. Sam is sitting up on top of a bale of hay watching airplanes! He's big he says!

And, here's Sam sitting in the middle of the road. He's in trouble. When my kids are in trouble, I always sit them in the middle of the road. Actually, he plopped himself down there, after he threw his toy cars and threw rocks and hit Jay! He had quite a little tantrum, but he's over it now!
Again, it's my man Sam! He's on the rock now. We sure love that rock for picture taking!

Now we have Mr. Jay! He's one cool cat. Jay likes the big rock too! And Jay loves to get his picture taken! Can you tell?
Jay's in the mood now! He's even sitting on an old stump! He's got that 'cheese' down pat!
Bringing up the rear ... is Miss Meg! She wouldn't sit on the rock, but she can hold it down so it doesn't go anywhere! Miss Meg had the whines today ... almost as bad as all of you gals begging for a FarmHouse Kids bracelet!
... as always, be blessed!