Sunday, September 2, 2007

Marlboro Man?

I have a question to ask everyone that reads or visits here. Maybe I should just take a poll. A day or two ago I was talking to Marlboro Man's sister on the phone, and she ask why I called him Marlboro Man. It reminds her of cigarettes and this guy does not smoke.

I've called him that since the day I met him. He reminded me of the Marlboro Man on TV. The cowboy country type. A rugged sexy man. He reminded me also of Sam Elliott or maybe Tom Selleck, but more like the Marlboro Man. He looks like a combo of all three ... even better. I know his sister doesn't see him through my eyes, so she can't see what I see. To her, he's just her brother. By the way, did I ever write that there are two of him? He's an identical twin.

I took this picture about 8:00 this morning as he was walking across the yard towards me. His hair is turning gray, but he still looks the same as when I met him over six years and three kids ago! So I'm asking, leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Does he look like the Marlboro Man or do I need to come up with a new name for this man?

I know I am going to get my butt kicked for this post ... because this man reads my blog. I guess I'll need to teach him how to read the comments as well. Maybe he'll forgive me for plastering his face front and center here!

... and as always, be blessed,