Saturday, September 22, 2007

Picking Wild Flowers ~

Juli an Kelcie came over this afternoon and we took all four kids to a very big craft show! No strollers. No attention getting wagons. Just their own eight little legs. And they walked all over the fairgrounds until evening. I am still in shock that no one had a meltdown and everyone did so good.

I really think this was the best it's ever been with them. They are growing up ... and I think I'm going to have a life again. This was exactly what Juli and I had been planning for the past three years .... to take the kids together without all the paraphernalia that goes with toddlers. But we are past the toddler stage now .... we're kids! Cute little kids! Our only piece of 'kid stuff' that we toted around today was a little Elmo plastic folding potty seat in a baggy! Four pee'ers kept us busy~

On our way home this evening ... just on the verge of dark, we pulled over on the road and took pictures of Kelcie. She hammed it up and down and all around! She's a Princess you know!

... as always, be blessed.