Saturday, September 22, 2007

And, the Winner is ....

First of all, I have to assure you that Marlboro Man read every single entry. He sat here with pen and paper and literally wrote down all those that he thought should win a 'FarmHouse Kids' bracelet. His list kept getting longer and longer. He is so funny. He even wrote his reasons why. He's such a thorough guy. He laughed and laughed and had a good ole time. I'm going to have to teach this man how to work a computer so he can email you all!

Everyone is a winner though, and wow, lots of entries .... every entry was wonderful and we had so much fun reading them. Marlboro Man took his job so serious, and here are the winners that he has chosen. I do have to say ... we didn't tell each other who we would have chosen, and what was so funny only one of the winners was on both list! I thought I knew the man better than that! ha~

Here are his top three winners (in order) and why.

Barb was his first choice. Barb owns a pair of boots and says she knows how to use them! (that got him since he's knee deep in cow poop most days) She can babysit, potty train triplets and milk cows! She won his heart immediately! Barb, Marlboro Man loves you! Are you married, and can you move here to Indiana? We're looking for a relief milker once in a while! We desperately need a date night out. He also doesn't think you'd run when the cows raise their tails at you! Plus, I don't own a pair of 'cow milking' boots! You lucky woman you! Barb, you can have your choice of any bracelet you want! MM said you can have all of them if you want! (Wait a minute there Marlboro, that's a lot of work for me!)

Secondly, he chose Scott in Indianapolis, IN. His reason for choosing Scott was that only two men entered. MM put their names in a hat and drew out the winning man. Hank, you had a 50/50 chance! Sorry! How fair is that? That's fair! It pays to be a man some days! Scott, have your lovely wife email me and tell me which bracelet she wants. It is for your wife isn't it? It better be! Indianapolis isn't that far from us and I know how to get there! ha~

The third winner is: Mae. She started a rally for Brook and Baby Evie. And boy, what a rally that was. She was bringing in beggars from everywhere. Babies have a soft spot in Marlboro Man's heart. After all, he had three of them at once! I get to chose the bracelet for this one ... and I am choosing to give Baby Evie a 'birth to bride' bracelet. It's a beautiful little tiny bracelet made of pearls and clear iridescent crystals, with a crystal blue butterfly dangle. Little blocks of silver say her 'Evie.' When Baby Evie is all grown up, on her wedding day, she can pin her little heirloom bracelet to her wedding gown, and she'll have her something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue. Way to go Mae!

Congratulations to all three of the winners! You can email me with your addresses and we can communicate sizes and which bracelets you choose.

Stay tuned! Because, this was so much fun .... I'll be having another contest soon and the prize will be another beautiful piece of jewelry that I make, that you wear around your neck!~ Be thinking of your funniest true confession! (hint hint)

... as as always, be blessed.