Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Community Blogger Award

Cynthia over at Walking On bestowed this beautiful award upon me. Although Cynthia's blog speaks deeply from her heart and she much deserved this herself, I have no doubt that one day Walking On will soon rise up and be read throughout the blog land. I am honored that she felt like I deserved this.
Please go visit Cynthia and leave her a comment. You won't be able to stop reading. Sit with a cup of hot tea and listen close to her words. Her blog is one of the few that I have read in it's entirety. Her story is touching, heart warming and heartbreaking. Her strength is tremendous and her faith alone will carry her through. Three of her children are losing their vision. She is teaching them sight with her words.
I think that I would like to bestow this award to Kara over at McTriplets. She is the Mother of three little boys that grew in her womb together. She delivered her miracle triplets way too early, several weeks a part. They are both amazing and beautiful. She is amazing. She works closely with the March of Dimes, and her words rang out loudly across this land and gave hope to many others that are fighting prematurity. She gave hope not only to officials, but to parents that truly needed to hear her words.
Secondly, I would like to give this Community Blogger Award to Scully over at SkyWritings. I am truly amazed at her ability to write. She is a jet pilot turned federal agent and has lived through domestic violence that cost her unborn child's life. Although I only know this woman in blog world, I have the highest respect for her. Her words give you thought and you leave her with such peace. It's almost as if your soul has been internally and emotionally cleansed.
Last, I am bestowing this award to Connie at Little Red Hearts from God. She is a Hospice nurse. As a nurse myself that has worked Hospice, I admire her. Mainly, I admire her gift of prayer, and her ability to bring peace and understanding that enables her patients to cross over into another world. She lifts up to God, her dying patients. Thank You Connie for what you do. I've been there and it is hard, but so rewarding.
Thank you again Cynthia and have a blessed day!