Sunday, October 14, 2007

Good Morning!

My kiddo's haven't yet figured out that when they get out of bed, they can come downstairs. I hear them play for the longest time in their room and then slowly someone will open the door and escape and the other two will follow and I hear them say, "Momma."

My most favorite thing in the world is to watch them and hear them playing when they first get up, when they aren't aware that I can see them. We can watch them through a closed circuit monitoring system in their room on our big screen TV in the living room. The giggles that are emitted from these three are music to my ears.

I was sitting there watching a few minutes ago and Sam, being the self-appointed clown that he is, was running all over the room, reprogramming the TV and changing DVD's. I yell up the stairs and it becomes total silence for a few seconds. Then the party begins again! Meg and Jay won't get out of their beds without much encouragement from Sam. I can hear Sam saying to Meg, "Meggie, turn the light on." Meg says, "Mama says NO." Do you think she'll always listen to what Mama says?

Here they come! Gotta Go! My day has begun and French Toast is already in the oven ....