Saturday, October 13, 2007

We have Trouble ...

Toilet Trouble! and ...guess who did it? It would be those three little kiddo's watching their Daddy dig up the septic tank!
Since we're in the throes of potty training and being almost three years old .... we like to "do it myself." When we "did it myself", we flushed lots and lots and I mean a whole container of wet wipes down the toilet. So Daddy had to unplug it. .... and guess who said it was, "Nasty". Jay did! His nose was so curled up and he was telling Meg and Sam that is was Stinky.Sam decided to do a little digging while the others went off to get a pipe to pry the lid off.

Oops .... Sam fell in the hole. But Sam loved the dirt .... all over his new shoes!
He's almost got it ... Whew! That shovel is heavy .... and BIG!
"Hey Mom! Come help me!"
After all this hard work, Sam had to sit down and take a break. We really shouldn't be working our kids this hard. Don't tell okay?
Heck with the work .... Sam found another "Willy Worm" to be his friend. (We're hiding this one from Jay's shoe!)
Be Blessed Everyone!