Sunday, October 7, 2007

Joey and Mariah

This evening Joey and Mariah came over for dinner. I didn't know how much I missed him until I saw him get out of the car and walk toward me. It's been almost two months since I've seen him. Kids shouldn't go away to college and leave their Mama's! It should be against the rules. We decided to do pictures while the kiddo's were napping. We got it! All in about fifteen minutes! Here they were acting cocky leaning against the barn!

The infamous rock! I love this rock for picture taking!
BUT, this rock is even better! Just ask the man! This kid of mine has been calling that hump on his arm a 'rock' since he was a early teen. That rock rocks!
I think they make a beautiful couple. Joey told me that they are attending pre-engagement counseling at the college they go to. Secretly, this makes me very happy!

I believe these kids love each other! It's quite obvious!
He hugs me just like this .... and I yelp most of the time! This kid used to hold me down and wouldn't let me up and laugh like it was the funniest thing in the world. He practiced his wrestling moves on me and once twisted my neck and I couldn't turn it. How do you put the 'hurts to them' when they're bigger than you? Now it looks like Mariah is getting the bear hugs!
Now he has her modeling her 'rock' as well! She doesn't know what she's getting into .... I'm going to have to warn that girl!
Be Blessed, and I hope your tomorrow is great!