Thursday, October 4, 2007


I have a new little pet. His name is Sparky. He lives here on my blog. He's right down there on the left sidebar. He's a cute little thing. He came with his own bag of treats and if you click on the bag ... he'll get a snack or a ball to play with. You can pick up the ball and give it to him and play with him. Go pet Sparky and give him a treat!

I thought we needed a little dog on here. The 'real' dog I have here at home is Katie. She's a Chihuahua and is a mean little thing.

Seriously, Kate hates the kids. She snaps and growls at them. She's just a little bit under three pounds and is about the ugliest little thing I've ever seen. BUT, I love her. We had her first and I think having the triplets is what did her in. She's a nervous quivering wreck!

Every few months she has to have steroid shots because she itches herself to death, her hair is very thin and she has dry skin. She won't eat dog food. We buy her McDonald cheeseburgers or I cook her hot dogs. Talk about spoiled.

Kate is six years old and the crankiest dog I've ever met. She needs a little old lady to love, not three kids that aggravate her to death. What's a dog to do?

So go play with Sparky so he won't get cranky and bite me!

Be Blessed and have a great day!