Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Best Friend

My beautiful daughter Juli, was in the city for a Orthodontist appointment today. She got her braces off after two long years. .... and her teeth are so beautiful. Snow white and so even.

We met at Salad World and celebrated with lunch. We sat there laughing and taking pictures of her smiling on our cell phones. This picture doesn't do her justice since we were sticking the camera phone up to her mouth. She had a couple hours to kill before going back to get a retainer glued to the back of her teeth, so she ran around with me while I worked.

I tell you .... I love that girl so much, and it's pretty amazing to have both a twenty five year old daughter and a three year old daughter. How lucky can one Momma be? It's great to spend time with Juli alone and have some Mom/Daughter moments. We talked about her divorce and her being a single Mother to Kelcie, her burdens and her happiness. I had three wonderful hours with her today, that I don't think I will ever forget. Although I feel that way every time Juli and I get together without our kids. She's my daughter, but she's also my very best friend.
She read this prayer at one of the places I had to go today while she was waiting for me and made a copy of it. As serious as she was, she was also laughing, and said, "Mom, pray this prayer for me." NOW!
Power of a Praying Parent:
Lord, I pray that unless your plan is for her to remain single, You will send the perfect marriage partner for my child. Send the right husband at the perfect time, and give her a clear leading from You as to who it is.
I prayed that prayer for her, and I will again tonight when I go to bed and pray for my children as I do every night. .... and even though you're not her Mother, I'm asking everyone that reads here to say a little booster prayer for God to hurry up, because this girl is impatient, and I don't want her to make a mistake and jump into a relationship that isn't meant to be.
If you're praying for her, you might add that she likes the cowboy type, and he needs to have a pickup truck, preferably four-wheel drive for muddin', and wear wrangler jeans, .... and the jeans must fit good too! He will also need to be a better fisherman than she is!
If you're praying for me, please ask that he's honest, good to her, will love Kelcie and that he has a good job. My only other request is that he lives close around here and he won't move my best friend far away!
Be Blessed Everyone ~