Thursday, November 1, 2007

How To Handle A Husband

Marlboro Man and I will be married for six years in three more weeks. I've been pondering what I'd like to have for our anniversary. After thinking about it for a couple of days, I decided that I want a building. Don't spit your coffee out just yet, I'm not asking for a barn. Just half a barn, and I want it built on the opposite side of the house where the big barn is, and where all the cows and their pet flies hang out in the summer time. We live on a dairy farm for pete's sake, and the flies come with the territory. I'm thinking maybe I can trick them to stay on their own side of the house. My building will be within walking distance of our house, and I want a brick path leading to it. Of course I'll need lots of lights out there for dark nights when I have to walk across the yard by myself. I'm sure he won't build me a tunnel between our house and my building. I'll have to work on him for that one ~ So if you have any ideas, please let me know, as I'm going to need lots of help pulling this one off. Better yet, just tell him I need it because I'm kind of chicken out here in the dark.

I want it to look like like an old school house, with a red metal roof, and his Grandmother's big old iron dinner bell on top of it. I want barn wood siding on three sides and red brick on the back wall. We have two old barns that need torn down and I don't want them to go to waste, so I could save him lots of money by using materials that he already has. Although I know I'm going out on a limb and asking him to tear down those two barns and build me half a barn in the next couple of months, but maybe he'll do it. He loves me after all. ... and I birthed his triplets, and he kind of owes me. A lot. That was hard work.

Yes, I know exactly what I want. I already have it pictured in my mind. I want 10 foot walls, and I know that I want 6 double paned windows running along each side, more towards the ceiling line. I want the back half of the building to be vaulted inside, and the front side, I want a closed loft for storage. I want old wood plank flooring painted cream, and I want the whole inside drywalled. I need a walk-in closet for changing, and a tiny little office for me to move all my jewelry making paraphernalia out there. Oh, and I need a small bathroom. Just a toilet and sink will do. Nothing fancy in that room.

The man is in denial. Denial that I really know exactly what I want, and I'd better add that he's sorta in shock too. Yes, he's in shock that I would even want a building. I'm sure he's thinking more on the line of something cheap and something small. I'm thinking on the line of something big. Real big! When I first mentioned it, he blew me off. He ignored me and pretended that I didn't exist. He put his fingers in his ears and ran when I said, "hey, you got a moment?" That was the first clue that I was up to something. He didn't come home all day and screened my calls. I think he thought I'd forget, but I'm not that old yet, and every once in a while I do still remember things for longer than an hour. Plus, I keep a running list these days .... and B.U.I.L.D.I.N.G. is at the top of my list. So how could I forget even if I wanted to?

He knew I was serious when I got out the telephone book and started calling around to find me a carpenter. He's slowing coming into acceptance about this building, but he's fighting it tooth and nail. I ask him for the carpenters' phone number that build a big new barn for us a couple of years ago. He said he didn't have it. I ask him if he would be able to find it if HE NEEDED SOMETHING built .... and he put his fingers in his ears and then he ran away. After I found him hiding out in the barn behind a big bale of hay, I ask him where I could buy metal, and guess what? He didn't know. I ask him which lumber company to call and get an estimate, and he didn't know of any lumber companies. Then I ask him if he loved me, and he stuck his fingers in his ears again and took off running! He's not falling for that trick ~

After a couple of hours, he called me on my cell phone. He said, "I only have one question to ask you." I said, "what's that?", and he said, "how you going to pay for this building and do you have any money to build it?", and I said, "that's two questions." .... and I stuck my fingers in my ears and stood there and ask him again, "Honey, do you love me?"

We'll see .....

Be Blessed Everyone ~