Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tree of Life

Several years ago my Dad retired, and he couldn't stand staying at home. It was way too quiet and he's way too cool to do just nothing. I think it drove him absolutely nuts. I know he drove his kids nuts.

This was about election time and Dad had opinions of who we grown up 'kids' should vote for. He would make the rounds to each of our houses, and tell us exactly how to vote and who we needed to vote for .... and why. I heard all about those 'damned republicans' ... and I heard how great Clinton was, because he was for the poor man. Dad would also certainly let us know that Bush wasn't any good, because he was for the rich, and he was a 'no-good republican.' I do believe that my Dad is a 'democrat man' ... all the way! I told him that I voted for Ross Perot just to get a rise out of him. That rise lasted for about 6 months and caused me lots of grief.

This went on for several months. Retirement wasn't agreeing with my Dad. We 'kids' were pretending like we weren't home when he pulled up. And we quit answering the phone. Don't get me wrong, I love my dad ... but, he was bored and had lots of time on his hands. Way too much time. I heard that one of my sisters saw him getting out of his car and locked her door and nose dived to the floor, just as he was peeking in the window and pushing the door bell.

The man desperately needed a job. So he went out and found one. Since he's working again, we 'kids' are happier. On the other hand, it ended up being a good move for him. He's learned a lot over the last couple of years. He's also learned how to use a computer, and he even has email! God help us all! He has learned to forward jokes. So, if you have any good jokes you want to send or just want to say hello to my Dad, you can email him at: kw_dad at yahoo dot com. Tell him I sent you, and make sure you tell him I'm way cool.

In his endeavor of learning modern technology, such as a computer, my Dad wrote this poem for us 'kids' .... and gave each of us a signed framed copy. I love the meaning behind it and I love my Dad. I read it almost every time I walk by it. It really puts life into perspective. It makes you think. Read the poem and let me know what you think. Did it change how you feel about life? Are you the top branch? Did the branch above you fall? How did it effect you?

I'm not looking forward to being the top branch. I haven't lost either of my parents yet, but I've lost my grandparents and a Uncle. I think I'm very fortunate.

The Tree of Life (by Keith Wyatt)
Life is made up of many things, that takes time to understand.
There's love and joy, grief and sorrow, and greed for the upper hand.
In assessing what life's been about, and what is left to be.
We'll assume all the things of life, and liken them to a tree.
Let's first take the greed tree and see what it's life is about.
It takes all the nutrients it can get, and never does without.
But it's limbs are never even, some skinny and some fat.
Some scraggly and some rotten, some ... self ordained aristocrats.
They go through life with little struggle, they try to have it all.
They only know compassion when they've reached the top, then fall.
Now, the love and joy tree, would be great to stay that way.
But even with love and joy, grief and sorrow have their day.
In life you have your struggles, and you just can't see so well.
Grief and sorrow opened my eyes, when the limbs above me fell.
But life goes on, no matter the hurt, because you just can't stop.
You've got all those limbs under you, so you have to go to the top.
All the limbs beneath me, has been my love and joy.
They've made me lots of branches, my little girls and little boy.
So look after those little branches, keep them happy, one and all.
Because you'll get to be the top limb, when the limbs above you fall.
Have a great day everyone ... and be blessed!