Wednesday, November 28, 2007

~ The Bride ~

I had the pleasure of taking this bride's wedding pictures early tonight. I've decided that I'm way too emotional to do weddings. I sniffled and snotted at every shot. She was so spectacular it actually took my breath away. I'm sure everyone could hear me.

Her new husband is a Marine and he flew in to marry her and then, like a fairy tale, he'll whisk her away to Hawaii. He'll go on ahead of her next week and she'll join him in about a month.

A few highlights that really impressed me is, as they came back down the aisle after their vows, they danced at the end. They danced as if they were totally alone, and I got to shoot picture after picture of them so absorbed in each other, they weren't even aware I was shooting close-ups of their faces. It was awesome and gave me chills as I watched how he looked at her. I think he's a lucky man.

It was very dark when they were leaving the church tonight and everyone stood outside in the headlights of a car and threw birdseed on them. My camera caught the seeds in the flash and they looked like crystals raining down on them. She was wearing his marine jacket and with the curls in her hair.... she looked like she was cast back in time to the 1940's. So very beautiful.

Another great thing for me is that my daughter Juli helped me do this wedding. She was my assistant, and this was a first for her. Boy, is she ever a take charge person. She kept track of what needed to be photographed and helped with my equipment like she was a pro. It was wonderful to have my daughter who is my best friend, to help me. I might just have to recruit her again. I'm such a lucky Mom ~

Be Blessed Everyone!