Saturday, November 10, 2007

It Was a Piece of Cake!

Yes, it truly was a piece of cake getting them to sleep last night! We were firm and didn't give them any room for disruption! I was Hitler and we did it my way! Ha ~

This morning was a different story! The very instant they woke up .... it was excitement all the way! They started unzipping each other's pajama's and jumping on the beds. Within three minutes, everything they owned that they has access to was scattered knee deep, and all the blankets and pillows were every where. They were wild, and jumped bed to bed and was singing, "Happy Birthday to Me" at the top of their lungs. We finally had to 'physically move them' downstairs before someone got hurt!

Their room is pretty much bare now since we know they rip into everything that is not tied down! Wild Indians I tell you .... (but cute)

Yes, I'd say they were excited and yes, they love their new beds!

We're Blessed!