Friday, November 9, 2007

Triple Trouble and New Beds

I think we are going to be in trouble tonight! Triple trouble that is! We now have one of these cute little beds upstairs in the kids room. This is what Meg's new bed looks like. She's already seen it, but not in her room and not with all her worldly possessions piled on top. She is so excited and we keep telling her that this weekend she will be a really big girl and gets to sleep in her new bed. We shall see .....
They will be surprised when they get ready to go to bed tonight and their room has been transformed. I know that the first thing Jay will say is, "What happened?" ... Meg will say, "Oh My Goodness!", and Sam a.k.a. Earnest T., will start jumping up and down and look for rocks to throw! (just kidding) ... but I'm sure he'll start jumping! Then I'm sure he'll say, "Cool." That's the new word for this week! Cool! He is cool .... but I don't tell him that because I don't want him to get big headed and think he's really cooler than his brother and sister! He doesn't need any help in that department!

Here are pictures of what Jay and Sam's new beds look like! I think they're going to love them. We had a hard decision figuring out how to arrange them in their rooms. Do we put them end to end so that their heads are close to each other? Or do we aim them opposite ends and try to keep them apart? Personally, I think it isn't going to matter .... either way, we're in trouble!
Marlboro Man and I think that we're doing something wrong in the bed department. These kids just turned three years old two weeks ago and today we set up the 12th bed. Yes, we've had a total of twelve beds in three short years!
We started out with three bassinet like thingy's ..... then three large pack and play's that they slept in during they daytime .... on to three cribs and now we've moved on to three toddler beds! That's an overwhelming thought and I think we're nuts!
So I guess in a couple more years or less, we're headed for twin beds. I've already been googling sites looking for Princess loft beds and Camouflage loft beds. I think I need to start saving my pennies!
Be Blessed Everyone and wish us luck tonight .... I do believe we're going to need it!