Saturday, November 24, 2007

~ Winner of FarmHouse Kids Photo Pendant is ... ~

I have read all the entries so many times I couldn't possibly pick the winner. It wouldn't be fair, and besides I thought it was best if I took myself completely out of picking the winner, because some of you I know, and some of you I talk to, and others are complete strangers ... so the fair thing to do was to have a neutral party choose the winner.

My sister April chose the winner. She is neutral and had not read any of the comments. I do have to say though ... I totally agree with her choices.

Since this was such a funny contest, with so many "baring it all" stories, I've decided to add two runner ups!

Everyone had a good story, and it was fun to read all the entries. Thanks everyone for playing along. I will be having another contest before Christmas. It will be a one day contest coming next week, so stay tuned or you might miss it.

The winner of the photo charm pendant with an included Omega necklace is: Nan at Nannybird crafts. I belly laughed when I read this. I bet she wanted to crawl off the exam table and take her "confetti" with her. Her story is both funny and embarrassing! Talk about humiliation.

The 1st runner up winner is Ellen at Tink-Time. Ellen, never ever buy maxi pads with your kids in the cart! lol.

The 2nd runner up is Okie Nana. I would have died of embarrassment and definitely would have been looking for the owner of those shoes.

Ellen and Okie Nana .... you'll receive a different kind of photo charm than the one pictured. I think you'll love it though.

Ladies, email me at to work out the details of how to send your photo's!

Be Blessed Everyone!