Saturday, December 1, 2007

~ Cowabunga Boots ~

Cow Boots! Just perfect for a Cow Farm! They got these boots for their birthday last month and would not wear them. Would not put them on .... not one time! They didn't like 'em, and all it takes is for one of them to "not like something" and everyone "doesn't like something." It's a triplet thing!
They were bored today and picking at each other and fighting, so Marlboro Man nonchalantly said, "I think I'll put on my cow boots and go outside and pick up that wood pile." Instantly, all three of these little curtain climbing yard-apes ran and got their "cow boots" and their Carhartt coats. Instant love affair with the new boots! Why didn't he say that a month ago .... ha ~

They helped push the wheelbarrow to the wood pile and proceeded to work like little slaves! I don't know if I ever told you all that we assigned farm chores for them when they started walking about two years ago! Next year the boys are going to start milking the cows. You believe that?

They huffed and puffed and worked like crazy and filled the entire wheelbarrow! Three pieces at a time. Everything happens in three's around here! Three times the fun.
Then they pushed it all the way back to the house! These "cow boot wearing farmer kids" are hard workers. I'm going to have to think of more jobs for them.

By the time they got everything situatated and back in the house, lunch was ready and on the table and they all told me how hard they worked and how they picked up the wood and how they got cold and it was warm in the house, and they "like" their new cow boots! They each brought in a small piece of wood to help MM put on the fire!

Moral to the story: work 'em hard .... nap 'em good! More blogging time for Mom!

Be Blessed Everyone! ~