Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Good Potty Tale!

I have to say .... first of all, if you have to go pee, do it now!

Here's the story: We ran into town today to pick up a few things in the pouring down rain. First stop was Toys-R-Us to buy Meg a dollhouse for Christmas. Got it. While we were there, we went to pee.

Next stop was to have lunch .... go pee first thing, fill our plates, eat as fast as we can and get out of there before we have to go pee again. No way! Two trips to the bathroom. All three kids and me squeezed in one stall. Did it ... and out the door in the rain again.

Then we head to Babies R Us so I could run in and grab a couple of white shirts for the boys. I told Marlboro Man to watch for me and I'd run right in and right back out. They didn't have white shirts and I was back out of the store in I know what was less than five minutes.

No mini-van in the parking lot anywhere. Just as I was calling MM on my cell phone I spotted our van way over in the very farthest corner of the parking lot. Way over there! All alone in the corner with no vehicles anywhere around it.

After telling him that I am standing out front of the store, he drives over to pick me up. I opened the door to jump in and the smell almost knocked me down, and all three kids were running all over the back of the van. MM was looking rather sweaty and frazzled and I instantly knew that something had happened. But how could it ... I was only out of the van for five minutes.

He proceeds to tell me that both boys had to pee and Meg had to poop. We have a little potty chair in the back of the van for emergencies and he decided to use it. In the parking lot. Alone. With three kids in a mini-van. Not an RV mind you, but a Grand Caravan, with three huge car seats and only enough room to duck and turn around. He did it.

Meg had smeared poop all over the potty and her leg. Jay had turned every button on and was putting dimes in the CD player and heater .... and Sam had an ink pen and wrote his ABC's and numbers and drew a architectural design of a large building on the dashboard of the van.

Less than five minutes. That's all he needed to look like he'd been run through the mill and hung out to dry! It didn't even occur to him to strap them back into their car seats one at a time!

At this point, between the smell and the screaming ..... we headed home with a potty full of poop and a frazzled husband of triplets. I give him credit for trying and always playing the game!

Be Blessed Everyone!