Sunday, December 23, 2007

I Believe

It's amazing after all the years of raising kids, and now that I have these kiddo's and my Grandkiddo's ... that I believe again. Yes, I believe in Santa Claus again. He is the major reason for all the excitement around my house this year. He is coming to see us in a few days and we're so excited.

We only put our tree up a couple of days ago, which was none too soon. These kiddo's are so excited they can't contain themselves. They sit in front of the tree and talk about Santa bringing presents. They take the ornaments off the tree and put them back on and sit back down again. They're waiting until Santa comes.
After a very lengthy discussion with Mr. Dairy Wife doing most of the talking about the true meaning of Christmas, and how we don't want to buy a bunch of toys and get caught up in the shopping, and how we want these kiddo's to grow up humbled by the holiday and the meaning, we came to an agreement, to keep it real. (for the record, HE wanted this more than The Dairy Wife did, she just nodded her head and blinked a few times at him) Just a few presents ... and lots of excitement .... and make their Christmas wonderful. This is the first year that they actually are excited.

THEN .... The Dairy Wife went shopping one day alone, a day with her sister, another day alone, and a day with her daughter. She shopped again after work a couple evenings and she shopped yesterday with Marlboro Man and the kids, ... and she is shopping again today.
She didn't keep it real. She's so ashamed. He doesn't know it. She didn't tell .... and she won't. She can't. He'll find out Christmas morning when Santa comes. She's in trouble. SUCH .... Big Trouble.
She got all wrapped up in the lights and music, the traffic, and the people shopping and going nuts. While singing Christmas songs, she grabbed and clawed her way through the toy aisles and wrestled a fat man down to get a "Leapster". She fought her way through the crowds, with a heaped up loaded cart, and even shoved a few old ladies out of the way, just to get few prized toys that she thought they'd love. Not only did she grab one toy, but she grabbed FIVE of everything. .... and when she left the store, totally exhausted, she was happy. Each time she shopped she was even happier. Deliriously happier, and still singing!
Boy, she's in big trouble. .... and so ashamed! She'll let you know what happens when Mr. Dairy Wife sees what "Santa" brought!
Be Blessed Everyone and I hope you're all having a great holiday season!