Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sam's Club

You all know that I've posted before about my blog visitors, but this is a new twist. I love to see who all visits me, so I have my little "visitor counter, see who was here thingy" on the side. Sometimes I just want to yell out, "Hello You!" or "Hey didn't stay very long" or "You left me to go there!", but today I think I just got my goose cooked, or at least put a kink in my Sunday dinners! Now I'm probably going to have to start cooking more! No more freebies of the best Sunday samples in town.

This evening after work, I ran into the house to see who all had dropped by my blog. The kids know how to open the door now, so I just left them outside, and they followed me in. Thank goodness we weren't having a blizzard or something, because I had a "feeling" that there would be something ~ really ~ good on my blog!

They calmly took off their coats and shoes and ask for dinner. I on the other hand, was way too busy checking out my visitor log. They helped themselves to a box of crackers, and each kid took a whole pack, but I can clean the mess up later because this is definitely worth it. Jay turned on "The Best of Elmo" and they all sat down on the couch and smashed up their crackers and watched TV! Oh well, I have a Dust Buster and a Dog!

Lo, and behold .... someone from Bentonville, Arkansas, probably a CEO or the VP or someone with power at Sam's Club Corporate office had been reading my blog. They got clued in that I take my kids to Sam's for lunch almost every Sunday. Furthermore, I had posted here exactly how I do it. I got caught and gave away my best kept secret!

If they stop my free lunch/sample Sunday day at Sam's, I am going to be so mad. I think I'm going to drop them a email and tell them that it was just a joke, and if they don't believe me ... then I'm going to tell someone that while they were here, they read a lot of other posts too, and probably on company time.

I did a Google search and my blog and this post both came up under Sam's Club. I think I'd better plan on lunch both Saturday and Sunday this weekend before they shut me down!

Be Blessed Everyone ..... and make sure you go get your free Sunday dinner at Sam's Club this weekend before it ends! .... and I'm so very sorry to all of you that depend on Sam's for lunch too! It will be missed I'm sure! Don't hate me. Okay?