Thursday, December 27, 2007

True Love

It really is true love. Love between a Mother and her Daughter. My Daughter and her Daughter. I was there to witness it. From the very beginning, from the very first moment that my Daughter became a Mother. It was love at first sight, and an instantaneous overwhelming rush of emotions, that rose up and tickled my heart, as I experienced this miracle happen.
Three years later, that love has grown into a bond that will be forever. My daughter is a single Mother now. It's just her and Kelcie everyday. It's hard some days, but that love is always there. I see it in the smiles, and hear it in the laughter.

This Christmas morning, my daughter woke alone with her daughter. It was just the two of them. She wanted her to be in her own home, with her own Christmas tree, and start their own traditions. She wanted Kelcie to open her presents in her own home.
My daughter is smart and beautiful. She's strong, and she'll make it just fine as a single Mom raising her daughter. She's an awesome Mother to Kelcie, and she's my best friend.
As her Mother, I worried about her because she didn't have a present to open on Christmas morning from her daughter. Kelcie's Daddy didn't take her shopping to buy a present for her Mommy. In fact, he didn't want her on Christmas, and this saddened me to look at this beautiful little three year old girl and think how could he not want to be with her. It saddened my daughter as well. But she's strong, and she made Christmas beautiful for her Daughter.
Santa was told that Kelcie needed to get her Mommy a present, and he helped her. It was wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with the most beautiful yellow ribbons, and held the most precious gift in a rainbow of color. Colors that Kelcie's Mommy knew exactly what they stood for. Godly colors held together by a silver circle for her to wear. A circle, that is never-ending.

White for forgiveness and pink for Love. Gold for glory and yellow for Heaven above. Green is for eternal life and Blue for the baptism of being born again anew, and red for the Blood of Christ that washed away the sin (black).
It's sealed with a kiss ..... a kiss that says, "I love you Mommy!" ... and she does. She has a wonderful Mommy, and she has a Mommy that loves her from the deepest center of her soul. It's true love!
Be Blessed Everyone .... remember those Mommy kisses you had when you were little, and remember now to give them, no matter how big your little ones may be!