Friday, December 28, 2007

My Favorite Kids

Here's a few snapshots taken tonight of my favorite kids. I told each one of them that they are my favorite. I always do things like that. I want them to feel special. Don't let the cat out of the bag okay? Jared and Elissa made it home from Mississippi and we had Christmas all over again at Juli's house this evening.
Here's my favorite kid Joey. He's so special, and he's my very most favorite one. He's with Mariah, and she's my favorite kid too. Someday this favorite kid of mine is going to marry her, and she'll be even more favorite. Joey gets big headed sometimes because he knows he's my favorite. I have always told him that I love him more than any other kid named Joey in the whole world. He believes me too. He's been my favorite Joey for twenty-four years.

Here's my favorite kid Jared. He is so special and he is my very most favorite kid. He's with his wife Elissa and she's my favorite kid too. She's going to be my very most favorite eye doctor in a few years. Jared has it in his head because he was my baby for twenty years before the triplets came that he is my best favoritestly kid of all times. I tell him that so he feels special. He is special too. I used to whisper in his ear when he was a little boy that he was my very most special favorite little boy named Jared, and he was the best loved Jared in the whole wide world, and my very most favorite one. He believed that too. He's been my favorite Jared kid for twenty-three years, come next week.Here's Juli. She's my utmost special favorite kid. She knows it too. She's here with Derek and he's my favorite boyfriend kid. I like him because he thinks Juli is his favorite too. Juli is my favorite kid because, well just because I said so. She gave birth to my favorite grand daughter and that pushed her right up to the top of all time favorites. When Juli was a little girl, we used to go late night shopping for bubble bath and girly things and makeup and she used to say to me, "Mommy, I'm your favorite kid right?" ..... she was right. She was and still is. My favorite kid.
It was always our secret. We whispered it in each others ears all the time. She's been my favorite Juli Beth for twenty-five years!
Here's Jared and Joey together. You just don't get any more favorite than this. Two brothers together. I sure hope they don't tell each other that they're each my favorite kid. I might get into trouble!

My favorite oldest kid named Josh wasn't with us tonight. He's twenty-six and he had to work. But he's my supreme favorite too. He didn't give birth to my cutest favorite grandson named Luke, but he is his Daddy and that makes Josh my ultimate favorite kid that is a Dad. When Josh was a little boy I used to wake him up in the middle of the night and whisper to him that he was my bestest favorite Josh and I loved him more than any other kid in the universe. Then I would kick my butt a million times for waking him up. I really did too. But then, that was before I had any other kids. Now I tell them all that they're my favorite ones. Each and everyone one of them. All seven of them. They're my favorite kids!

Don't I have the cutest smiling-est favorite kids in the world? I think I'm their favorite Mom too! Who's your most favorite kid?

Be Blessed Everyone.